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harry potter haters' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
harry potter haters

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Just because it makes money doesn't mean its great. Just look at Twilight. [15 Aug 2011|06:54pm]

Just felt like it needed to be said, especially when every other caption on cheezburger.com is toting these books as the best freaking thing since fried bacon.

hate harry potter

And now, a macro [20 Jul 2011|06:52pm]

[ mood | bored ]

So happy to have found this group. I am sick to death of hearing about these books. Just thought I would leave this here:

hate harry potter

Finally! [06 Apr 2008|01:46am]

Before I began my ranting, please excuse my spell Y_Y!

I have to say, I have not read the last book of Harry Potter because I am tired of the crap! Don't miss understand, I love the world of Harry Potter. I would love the story if it wasn't focused on Harry. When I read the first book my first thought was is this Voldemort guy really this important. Are wizards in the USA going 'Oh no! He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named back!! I hope a little 11 year old a thousand miles away will be able to save us." Have any of ya'll counted the number of times Harry actually used he wand in the first book??? I think it was once. In the move I know he didn't use his wand at all besides the time he first got it! 

Oh, what I really love the most are the unexplained impossible advents. The first book, during the Halloween chapter, when Quill (?stutter dude?) comes in and says the Troll is loose. Well when Harry and Ron goes to get Hermione from the bathroom, Rowling give a discription of the Troll being around twenty feet tall. Then she goes on to say that Harry goes on to jump on the Trolls back to distract it from hurting Hermione. Question: Can you jump twenty feet in the air? When you where an 11 year old, could you do that? 

That really bothered me for some reason. Like she could think up millions of names, places, spells, and creatures to put in this book, but not enough explain how and why Harry jumped twenty feet in the air. A simple 'Harry responded instictively, and jump onto the Trolls back. A familiar pull to his stomach explained how he was able to fly twenty feet in the air.' 

I know, that was a horrible sentence, but that was all that was needed to explain how he got up there!! I'm not bashing on Rowling either, but it was like the entire wizarding world evolved around Harry when a whole world out there. I mean I love the books because... well *sheepish* the yaoi/slash possiblities (proud writer of Snarry and Remarry fics!!) but after the fifth book I couldn't take it anymore... >.< I hated the sixth book with a passion. Did ya'll see where she got the movie and the book confused with on another. It was one sentence, but it blow me over.

It was Harry making a reffrence to something using Hermione's SLAP to Malfoy in their 3rd year, well in the sixth book, she wrote PUNCH, which is what happened in the movie!!! I have mentioned this to a HP fan and they bitched at me saying I was wrong... then I gave them a page number to both book 3 and 6 and they never responded back... I wonder why hehehe. 

Anyway, I just need to get that out of me. 

P.S. Has anyone here read the 7th book? Because I would like to get a real opinion of it and not a faithful fan version of one. Is it worth reading?
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[09 Nov 2007|01:36pm]

i suppose i've been trying to feign ambivalence to this harry potter fiasco, but i have to say it enrages me beyond contempt. i've read all the books, by the 4th bible-super-sized edition i was almost in tears of utter lucidity and boredom. i cannot, for the life of me, understand how a book with a repetitive sop-story-adventure-cum-fantasy trite has become such a hype. if someone could explain to me the connection that is felt between the poor-little-boy and his super-uber fantastic magical world, then great. i'll be glad. but as i see it, it's a poorly shapen plot with repetitive, flat and underdeveloped characters, thrown in with a bunch of poorly-put nonsense words (muggles??) to mash up this majestic story that well, has been rehashed a thousand times. pick up something that can make you think for a second, and expand you mind beyond, oh my god, a train station that is not 1! nor 2! but nine and THREE QUARTERS. how can this be?! surely, i don't know, !magic! oh my god. my mind just blew at the very thought.

hate harry potter

n00b [23 Jul 2007|06:52pm]

Hey everyone. I'm new here. I was hoping there was an anti-potter place here.

I'm proud to hate the lil twerp. And here is what i've come here to say.

About a week ago, some lil douche bag got REALLY pissed off at me due to a LJ entry i made, saying that Harry Potter is basically recycled shit over and over again. All he does is use a wand, and does nothing any better than use that wand to defeat people, or do whatever he does with it. I had noted that it was ONLY AN OPINION (random rant, to be exact) and this person popped off at the gums about it. They told me to die and all this bullshit. lmfao. It was funny, cause not only did they look like a dumbass defending a fictional character, but, they tried to make it seem as if i'm just a "typical teenager" when the person was the same age as me. lmao. Also saying.."Thanks for representing your generation well". I ROFL at that.

If you guys want to read that bullcrap, you can add me on my journal. :)

It's quite sad. I have friends who like Harry Potter, but the majority of them weren't offended. Haha. People are just too sensitive. It's just rediculous.

Has anyone heard bout how parents are going to have to start taking their kids to "death therapy" to cope with the fact that Pothead died? That's bs. They're wasting the time of people who need the REAL therapy. People are just nerds. haha.
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